I want a government based on...
Truth, Integrity and Trust!

- From a Speech by Michael David McGuire

A Critical Call to Action

Omaha Declaration February 14th 2006

Our country has changed virtually overnight. Our top leaders are either liars or criminally incompetent. Our basic rights and freedoms have vanished at an astonishing pace… with even more draconian measures waiting in the wings. Our economy is in shambles… as the very basic needs of our own citizens go unmet.

While war sabers rattle worldwide, our nation’s military might is being squandered in ways which only serve to create chaos and instability on a global scale. Foreign troops now occupy small areas of American soil… while major corporations are contracted to build huge civilian detention camps. The parallels between what is happening in our nation today and the rise of Nazi fascism are very stark and very real… whether others choose to acknowledge that reality or not. If I am incorrect in what I say, then these are interesting ideas that at least bear examination. If I am correct, then the time to speak is now… and the way to speak is with all the force humanly possible.

It is no longer acceptable to be accused of being un-patriotic or disloyal for asking very basic questions about our society, our economy, our freedoms… or about the core integrity and basic honesty of our leaders. When official government policy turns to torture and terror in foreign lands… and uses intentional deceit and deception to mold public discussion at home… then that government no longer deserves our trust. When those running a government can no longer be trusted to tell the truth, then they have lost all vestiges of the integrity on which this nation was founded and for which so many have fought.

When a government… as a matter of policy… perpetrates evil on others in distant lands, then that government and its leaders could well be ready to implement a similar evil at home. The current activities of this government and its leaders should not be tolerated by a free people. The current situation is unacceptable.

As I stand here today… in the company of good friends and trusted allies… I tell you what I want…and what we should all want. I want a government based on truth, integrity and trust. I want a government that is of the people, by the people and for the people. I want a government who puts the basic needs of each and every citizen ahead of self-serving corporate greed and the cheap sell-off of national treasure to the highest foreign bidder. I want my birthright… the nation that my Grandfather and his father sacrificed to build… the free nation into which I was born. I want a government that does what’s right in every endeavor… a government that always tells the truth…and that always operates in the best interests of the American people. To ask for and to expect anything less is a disgrace.

Throughout human history… small groups of dedicated individuals have proven over and over that they can have a profound effect on the course of human history. They have proven that it is possible to stop evil… they have proven that it is possible to overturn injustice… and they have proven that it is possible to make this a better world for our children… our children’s children… and for generations to come. The time to begin that process is now.

Michael David McGuire - Omaha Nebraska USA 14 February 2006

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